I've worked on Apple's OpenGL Shading Language compiler for OS X and iOS, the OurSpace installation at Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, and MetraWeather, previously known as "Weatherscape XT". In addition, I've written a few small games that you can find below.

Web Games

2006, 2011


Originally written for an impromptu 2-week game jam, I subsequently ported this simple platformer to CoffeeScript & WebGL/Canvas.

OS X Games



Written for iDevGames' 2005 OMG Cup, you must guide a fire-breathing insect through a swamp full of single-minded enemies.


Smiley Tag

Written for iDevGames' 2002 uDevGames competition, this was a reconception of a game I wrote as a teenager in HyperCard. It includes AI & local multiplayer for various variations on the game of tag.



Written for iDevGames' 2001 uDevGames competition, this was my first serious project in C++ and OpenGL.

Code & Contact

You can find some open-source code I've written at my GitHub.

You can email me at